Bareknuckle Lily Deck only

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"New in the product line is our first pintail board, we named “Lily”. Short, light, responsive, simple and most of all beautiful. Anymore words needed? Designing this board, we incorporated the best of local woods using a double ash core for the first time. The board provides for soft flex behavior, a wide standing surface for your front foot and a continuous light concave line. 3D wheel wells clear wheels up to 72mm in diameter on a 180mm hanger truck.

A special feature to this board is that the lily comes in either red, blue, or green poplar veneer. I guess that means we added even more uniqueness to this edition."

Brand Bareknuckle


Bareknuckle Longboards bei LassrollenLaser cut griptape and laser engravewd lily. 100pices only!

Empfohlenes Setup
Achsen 180mm
Rollen bis zu 72mm
SKF Skate Fast Kugellager mit Spacer
Schrauben, Mutter


Marke Bareknuckle
Grafik Limited on Fire Edition
Deck Länge 91,8cm / 36.1"
Breite 24,1cm / 9.5"
Standfläche Nein
Achsabstand / WB 62 cm / 24,4"
Achsmontage Topmount
Shape & Features 3D Wheel wells
Concave 9 mm
Flex soft
Gewichtklasse Carving orientiert
Konstruktion Eiche, Pappel
Einsatzberiech Carving, Cruising

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